Aylon Spigel - Frontend Web Application Developer

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Front-End, Back-End Web Application Developer. Originaly from Israel, got my Masters degree at Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY, USA). I worked on many application projects; from cd-rom apps, digital video, museum kiosk to websites for companies like BFGoodrich, Gateways computers, MTV or Intranet for the US Government. I worked in the multimedia industry in New York and silicon valley.

Todays, I focus on frontend development using the latest technologies like Angular4, bootstrap, HTML5 and CCS4.

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I also have knowledge of wordpress, PHP, ASP.net, MSSQL, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, Machine Learning.

I got certified as a programmer from Pace University and continued to study many languagues and techniques as the field require.

My current client is a restaurant website: PattayaHummus.com(Client website) Done with HTML and bootstrap3

I offer digital marketing services: Facebook ads, You tube, Instagram and more. ( My client dominate the first page of Google search with "Pattaya Hummus") I also had a few products on JVZOO and Warrior Plus.

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I would love to help you to get your success online one way or another, coaching you, developing your site or boost your marketing online. Contact me today.

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